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Welcome to GS Sitters!
No Membership Fees - Hourly Rates Only!
Serving Southlake, Trophy Club, Westlake, Colleyville, Grapevine, Keller, Arlington, Plano, Allen, Frisco & the Surrounding Areas in Texas

How to have a great babysitting experience...

You and your spouse would like to have dinner with friends. Your kids love babysitters and want someone who is fun. You need someone who is responsible and trustworthy so that is why you call GS Sitters. You tell us the date and time that you need to leave your home for dinner. For you first appointment, we recommend that the sitter arrive an hour early to meet the family. At this time, we will need your information such as your name, email, address and important details about your children. Our sitters range in age from 17-26. Depending on the ages of your children, you may request a sitter that is older or younger. We also have certified "infant care" sitters who have excellent training and experience in caring for children under 12 months.

Immediately following our conversation, we send out a mass text message to all our sitters to check availability. After giving the girls a few hours to respond, we choose the sitter that best fits your family based on your personal information.
We then email you a profile of the sitter which includes her picture and basic information, such as, the school she attends, her hobbies and any other details that makes her special.  If you approve her profile, We send you an agreement to read and sign that explains how our company works and our rates... Now you are ready to go.

The reason this works is because we only select the best sitters, we make sure that the sitters remember the appointment and arrives there on time. We keep the best sitters by finding them jobs, organizing all the details for that job, and then sending their pay checks to their front door. As a result, everyone is happy. And you can relax and have a fun worry-free dinner because there is someone responsible with your kids. Plus, your kids have a great time!
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I am a Colleyville Mom of two. I started this babysitting service because I had problems finding a babysitter and keeping them. So, I wanted to help other busy parents connect with nice, quality babysitters without the hassle. It allows parents a chance to schedule appointments or events in advance without having to worry if the babysitter is going to cancel or even show up. All of our sitters are high school and college age girls. It is not easy to find a great babysitter. I have spent the last 3 years interviewing over 200 girls to come up with a list of about 50 which are considered the elite of all babysitters. First, I do the following checks and certifications:
  • Background/Driver's License Check
  • Personal History Check
  • Babysitting Reference Check
  • Facebook/MySpace Check
  • CPR Certification
Second, I do a thorough interview which requires:
  • Personal Accomplishments (honor student)
  • Yrs of Babysitting Experience
  • Personal Information
  • A Great Personality
  • Come from a good family
  • In school and self-motivated
  • Dependability and Responsibility
  • Kid Screening
All sitters have their own transportation
All sitters are non-smokers

We will try our best to provide you with the same sitter every appointment, depending on the sitter's availability.

Infant Care for children under 12 months
  • Our Most Patient Sitters Only
  • Infant Care Certification
  • Infant Care Experience

  Why use us instead of an individual sitter?
  • You will never miss work, appointments or other opportunities because a babysitter did not show up. If your regular sitter is not available, we send another sitter (just as qualified) to take her place for the day.
  • You never have to worry about employing a sitter again; you use the sitter whenever you need them. No worrying about the sitter having a consistent income or losing them to another job. You can go on vacation, send the kids to camp or stay home with your kids a few days without paying extra or vacation time.
  • You are welcome to change the sitter's schedule from week to week; our sitters can manage any schedule. No more arranging your schedule around a sitter's school or work schedule.

Our Sitters are available for:
  • Playing with your kids while you get some housework done
  • Dropping off and picking up your kids from school, helping with homework and starting dinner until you get home from work
  • Keeping the kids active in the summer instead of sitting in front of the TV
  • Taking your kids to sports, rehearsals or fun activities while you keep your busy schedule
  • Putting the kids to bed while you and your spouse go to dinner and a movie

"Mom Owned and Operated"

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