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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q:How do we pay?

A: I send an invoice by email. Once you have reviewed the times, I charge your credit card (on file).

Q:Can we communicate instructions / time changes directly to the sitter?

A: Once she starts working at your home, you may give her instructions and coordinate minor time changes directly. Any major      time changes, need to go through me so it will not interfere with other jobs. 

Q: What are our chances that we would get the same sitter if we requested random dates?

A: It's recommended to meet 2 or 3 sitters to increase your chances of scheduling your favorites sitters. The more notice, the better.

We always ask your favorite sitters first when you submit your request.

Q:What happens if my regular sitter gets sick?

A:We have backup sitters that do not work set jobs; they just work random and backup jobs. And they are usually available short notice.